Thursday, 30 April 2009


i have a very busy few weeks in front of me! me friend loopylou and i are off to a big game fair at the weekend and then a small fair in our church to help raise money to extend the halls and then the next week off to the big farm show in belfast and followed by a lovely weekend in the local national trust property (just round the corner from me!!!!) so off now to sort out the car for the first drop off and set up tomorrow, hope the lovely weather we have been promised arrives in time for the weekend and i think i will spend monday in bed, or at the sewing machine making more of everything ......

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

huffy puss

i have been very busy over the winter making stock for the up and coming craftfairs and not much time to sit about and relax- so after the success of my new labels i thought i had a few minutes spare i would make a load more and got stuck in, but i had a big problem ....... in the shape of hammy!!! as you can see i was not paying him much heed and he thought it was about time he got a little tlc

so after walking over me and the table a few times he settled down for a nap?????

Sunday, 26 April 2009

tags take 2 !!

well with a bit of fiddleing about i have managed to make my own handmade -handstamped tags !!!!!!!!!!!!! ad you can see i went for the oval shaped punch and a cream card

and when i had punched out the required amount i stamped some with my new stamps ( as you can see i have went for the usual green for the handmade in ireland one )
and then with the single punch i made 2 holes to allow the back of the brooche to fit in

and there you have it and a lot cheaper than having to buy luggage tags by the thousand now i can make my own and i'm sure i'll find some other use for these lovely tags

just hope this makes the punters want to buy even more of these lovely little brooches


have been looking for a long time for tags to put on my crafts and not having much joy. until i visited the craft show in the kings hall, belfast last weekend and was talking to the lady who runs the craft depot in bangor and she made a few sugestions. so off to have a think about what she had said and i visited the shop today and picked up the big punch we had talked about and some card to have a go ......
off now to have a wee play around and will let you all know how these new handmade tags turn out !!!!!

Monday, 20 April 2009


meet rosie

i have been on the lookout for a bust for a long time to display my shawls etc and i had a blowup one but Char squished it one day and it now has a hole that i can't fix. i had picked up a copy of the local ads for free in the hope of finding a new link box for the tractor and fell in with this instead !!!!!!! isn't she just great
sent hubby a picture and he said she could stay of she could iron and do a bit of housework

here rosie is wearing one of my beanies and a lovely blue neck warmer
hope she likes being my new best friend?

Sunday, 19 April 2009

busy day

been a bit of a busy day today - i have finished the heart chalkboards i have been working on now for a little while and i have also finished some of the brooches and felt flowers that i have been working on over the last month .

these are the large ones that are a bit like a corsuage (not sure if these are spelt right but you know what i mean ) and the ones below are a mixture of felt flowers which are, i hope, in this years colours of the purple that there is so much of about and the others are the little knitted brooches that i have been futtering with for a while until i got just the way i liked them


Had a go at this . I cut the hearts out of ply and sanded and then painted with blackboard paint added the fabric to hang it with. Its 33 cm by 33 cm approx ( my sawing is still a bit wonkey)