Sunday, 9 January 2011

new lines

have been working on a new line in shrugs and have just finished a lovely pink one. have given it a little handwash and it is hung up to dry will post a wee pic when i have pressed it and put it on the dummy

Monday, 3 January 2011


took my car for MOT today and passed and now i'm getting ready to get back to work tomorrow again - been off now for 2 whole weeks and didn't miss the place one little bit

Sunday, 2 January 2011


Well my crafty friends i have been idle for far tooooo long and now i'm back. Big son is now at Glastry and doing very well and wee son is jogging along nicely. I have taken an IT course through work so my presentation should be a bit better and i have branched out onto MISI and Folksy and and dipped a toe into the Ebay waters and the odd wee craft fair along the way.
Some of the items i have made i have put on here as well and i have been working on a few new ideas for the next week or so on ebay.
These wrist warmers have been a big hit at the last couple of fairs but as yet i haven't shifted a pair on Folksy, but the year is young and i am still hopefull.
And i have made 4 of these scarves of which i have sold 2 already!! I hope to put this on MISI next week and see how they go or i might just keep one for myself.
Right off to bed now and get ready for another day and i'm back to work on tuesday after 2 whole weeks off. Glad all that snow is now away.