Sunday, 3 May 2009

mud bath!!!!!!

we spent the weekend at ballywalter house at the game and country fair and this is what we had to deal with MUD! on the friday it was a bit damp and as the day went on the weather became wetter and a little bit more muddy. and when we arrived on saturday morning the placed was more like a sea of mud than a green field, good job it was only round the road from us and we didn't have far to travel.
but as usual loobylou and i made the best of a bad thing and had a ball, although we didn't make much money and as you can see we could still smile about it.
the guy beside us is a local artist and this was his first fair of this kind and he soon found out that we were good people to know and kept him supplied with constant cups of coffee and a large amount of witt and wisdom from marriage (bless he is only married a year, 'it il soon wear off' we told him) to getting sales at a fair

and although the weather was better today the mud was still there and the punter were sooooooo busy keeping their hands in their pockets we made very little in way of sales

but we looked good anyway!!!!! well at least the next fair is in a church hall where we will be away from the mud ......