Tuesday, 27 May 2008

well it's wednesday the 21 may and we have a new addition to our family "flopsy" has come to live with us. not sure whether it a him or a her but it seems to be happy enough as rabbits go and addy loves it already ~ hope he's still keen when the hutch needs cleaning out, sophie seem a little put out after all she has been top dog for a few years now and likes the place to herself but then she is almost 13 and likes things her own way but sill have to just put up with another aminal in the yard

well that time of year again and the grand garden and craft fair is in the lovely setting of mountstewart and we're just having a little rest before we set the table and get ready for the morning. my friend at country living candles is with me and we are looking forward to a great weekend as usual ( one thing about loopylou and me is we always have a good time even if we don't make much money!!!)

i have been making a new line and this is the first time it will be on show , my lovely hubby bought me the blow up doll! i think he was short changed as she has no head or legs but hay she makes my new shawls look good,

foxy is taking a well earned rest after selling the black shawl and i'm well pleased have replaced it with the multicoloured one which i like and if it dosen't sell i'll keep it myself

well i don't get to take the multicoloured shawl home after all - the lady opposit me watched it for a while and then she tried it on and after a bit of a haggle she gave it a good home so i'm very happy with the weekend and loopy did ok as well - ok so we had a wee laugh and got to indulge in our second hobby - talking! which we both do very well and made a few friends along the way and sure we would have only been at home doing housework augh!!!!!!

so now for the hard part getting it all packed up and heading for home, l love doing this fair as i get to spend the whole weekend at mountstewart and having worked on the property for over 20 odd years and the third generation to work for the stewart family i sort of feel at home here

and then it was time for afternoon tea in the ulster farmers union before we headed back to the car and home after a nice day out .

that must save a lot of time at the other end now you just shear the sheep and the wool is already died the colour you want

and after a while we headed to the cattle lawn where they were judging the best in show in for the cows and what a tasty site it was for foxy !!!!! and then to the sheep where we found that they now come in different colours.

what a lovely day we had at the show. foxy had a ball cheaking you the sheep and the odd piece of rump steak!! the weather was good and the sun shone all day. after a tour around the kings hall and viewing all the stands then we had a spot of lunch and were able to watch some of the horses being judged. and then it was off outside to look around the tractors

Saturday, 17 May 2008

what a busy few days i've had, friday we spent at the show and the sun was good to us and today i was a mountstewart and again it was a great day. not as many punters - sorry customers about as normal but we still had a good day and my friend and i made plenty of noise ( we tend to spend most of the day laughting ) and are sometimes mistaken for the entertainment! foxy has been getting about and i will add the great pictures of him and my sons at the show - off now to finish a few bits for another day at mountstewart.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

what wonderful weather we are having and just in time for the Balmoral Show , at the Kings Hall in Belfast. We hope to get there on friday and fingers crossed the weather will hold out for us (the we being my mum, my brother, my two boys - Char and Addy and myself) we'll get to see all the tractors and animals and the bits in the middle and my good friend is there selling her handmade candles so i'll stop by and give her a pee break and then its home to pack the car and head of to the grand garden and craft fair at MountStewart for the weekend, it's the local National Trust property and my family have been conected with the estate for many years - i'll fill you all in at the later date. of now to get the boys to bed and finish the costums for the school play next week and a little bit of knitting before i hit the sack myself. poor old hubby is working late tonight as usual, but thats for another story
well after a lot of thought i have taken the plunge and started my very own blog !! i am the crafty fox and this will be a good way for me to keep a track of all the cratfy things that foxy and i make and the great (and not so great) fairs that i attend