Sunday, 31 January 2010


have been busy getting over Christmas and the new year and between all this work sent me for a health review and i have some good news and some bad news!!!!! the good news is my hearing is very good for my age and working a very noisy place and i have the lungs of a 45 years old again good because of the place i work and having had pneumonia a couple of years ago and I'm 43 so that OK but the pains in my hands and wrists have turned out to be the early stages of carpel tunnel syndrome ...... not good and this really bad spell of bad weather has not helped. i have seen a consultant and it has been confirmed but not bad enough for treatment yet.. i did ask about the knitting and crocheting and the doc said it was good to keep mobile until it starts to bother me for having given myself a rest over the holidays i now have more reason than ever to get back to the needles and for my first new makes it is wrist warmers and some pairs of gloves for a guy at work for his wee football team -------- so off to the knitting needles and hope to knock out a couple of pairs of gloves for the weekend, will post a pic of the first pair next week

Friday, 1 January 2010