Monday, 28 June 2010


well only 2 more sleeps and big son will have finished primary school and be ready after the summer to move onto big school and i have mixed feelings about the whole thing. He's more than ready for the next step and looking forward to going to my old school but on the other hand my wee boy is starting to turn into a young man in front of my eyes!!! and i'm not sure if i'm ready for all this. But life go's on and i have to move with it .........

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

ringa ringa rosie

a few weeks ago addy and i planted up some baskets and pots and at last they are starting to look like something. below is the ones along the front of the house

and these are some of the pots i put out the back

we did 2 of these big wall hangers - this one is between the garage doors and it is really starting to look good

and this last pot has my lavender and a lovely plant the boys bought me for christmas and it is now starting to bloom

hop this dry spell of weather keeps up and we might be able to get a few more pots and tubs done for august as we are hoping to have a bat-b-que for char birthday

Friday, 18 June 2010


i've just popped in to check the old emails and a wee look about here as i'm getting ready for a fair tomorrow at conlig and once i've the car packed then the baskets that addie and i planted a few weeks ago need a good watering

Monday, 14 June 2010

sunny days

apart from a little rain over the weekend, what great weather we are having !!!!!!!!!!!!
just hope it holds out until the boys finish school in a few weeks time and for sports day tomorrow , and what good (and bad ) football on the telly as well

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


just back from my aunts where me and the boys had a good old fashioned hair cut, (hubby was there yesterday) - boys had the usual short back and sides and i had a whopping 3 inches of mine !!!!! off to find my hat and scarf as my neck is cold (shivers)

Saturday, 5 June 2010


what a lovely few days we have been having. and with a little light rain thrown in the grass is growing .... very fast so today the boys and i thought we would give dad a hand and cut the grass. Char asked if and when i got the lawnmower started could he have a go and i thought this was a good idea (have to start somewhere!) so we trailed the mower out and checked for petrol and pulled the handle ... and pulled the handle.... and pulled the handle ... and well you get the idea the NOTHING HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gave up after half an hour and left it till dad came home and it took him a few minutes but it spluttered into life so out of bad temper i started with the small front garden and then moved to the back so after an hour and one very sore shoulder i was finished way hay! so off the bed now to nurse my aches and pains but my lawns are lovely .......

Friday, 4 June 2010

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hello again !!!! been very busy in the last few months and not had much time for me... Lots of good things going on at school as well and big son is now in his final year at primary school and is getting ready for the move to 'big school' in september and was delighted to get into the local collage (which is a very good school). And he also had a part in the school play of the Wizard of Oz!!!! and for my sins i got to make a lot of the costumes for the kids - some were cobbled together from old outfits in the school and a few were made from stratch, below is Addy in the lions costume which used to be a rabbit? and now i have time to get caught up on the important things like stock for my next fair and enjoying the little bit of sunshine we have been having ..... so off to swimming lesson tonight with addy (he was able to swim without any help last week !) and then we are having 2 friend over to stay for the night while mum and dad have a wee night out - off to get the boys from school and make hotdogs for dinner!

Friday, 5 February 2010

Winter warmers

Have been very busy at these gloves. I have an order for 4 pairs for a wee football club and am on no 2 think they look cool .

Sunday, 31 January 2010


have been busy getting over Christmas and the new year and between all this work sent me for a health review and i have some good news and some bad news!!!!! the good news is my hearing is very good for my age and working a very noisy place and i have the lungs of a 45 years old again good because of the place i work and having had pneumonia a couple of years ago and I'm 43 so that OK but the pains in my hands and wrists have turned out to be the early stages of carpel tunnel syndrome ...... not good and this really bad spell of bad weather has not helped. i have seen a consultant and it has been confirmed but not bad enough for treatment yet.. i did ask about the knitting and crocheting and the doc said it was good to keep mobile until it starts to bother me for having given myself a rest over the holidays i now have more reason than ever to get back to the needles and for my first new makes it is wrist warmers and some pairs of gloves for a guy at work for his wee football team -------- so off to the knitting needles and hope to knock out a couple of pairs of gloves for the weekend, will post a pic of the first pair next week

Friday, 1 January 2010