Sunday, 25 January 2009

busy weekend

well the weather has been rubbish and we have spent a lot of time inside again this weekend but in saying that a few things have happened that need to be mentioned - Char has been having swimming lessons for a year and a half now and has been doing really well, so much so that he got his 25 meter badge on friday and today we spent with other family and friends at a baptisim of my cousins young daughter. great days craic and way to much nice stuff to eat, and i ate so much pudding (well some one had to do it) and fresh cream that i can feel my waist band expand as we speak ........

off now for a 20 mile jog hahahahahahahahahahahah sorry was getting a bit carried away the off to bed with a bag of crisps !!!!!!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

a bit windy

what a night we had last night! the weather forecast had been bad for the weekend and northern ireland was to get the worst of it, so we battoned down the hatches and spent the evening watching tv and keeping the fire will stoked and the candles burning (the electric was flicking and we light a few candles incase it went out and we wouldn't be left in the dark) and the boys and i just put the night in without doing very much of anything - and keeping an eye on the rabbit as the last big storm the hutch sailed around the yard but all was ok this time. so tonight because i sat at the fire and warmed my toes i have a mountain of ironing to do!!!! and most of these are hubbys shirts which are my least fave things on the ironing board........
so peeps have a good weekend and on with the housework (sorry for the use of the bad words 'ironing' and 'housework')

Saturday, 17 January 2009

christmas secret santa

on the lovely craft forum that a same to spend way to much time on some days we had a secret santa and below are the pictures of the wonderful things that i recieved

good job it was a lovely fairy and i think a wood nymph as we had been so busy on the run up to the big day that we had run out and bought a tree and stuck a set of lights on it we had nothing on the top of the tree!!!! so now once all the bits and pieces have been take down the two have been packed away carefully ready to be the first things out for next christmas
we had all agreeded to open our secret santa gifts on christmas day and i was a little sorry that i waited as i should have had these lovely little people on my tree for a lot longer but the boys thought they were so good i knew that they will be the first things on my tree next christmas

Thursday, 15 January 2009


hi folks its been a while since i talked to all you lovely peeps out there in blog land. i have been up to my eyes coming up to the christmas period with family and crafty things and now the boys are back at school and i'm back at real work and hubby is in bed with the flu. i hope you all had a good christmas and a peaceful new year and lots of good ideas for the new season. the kittens are now a big part of the family and as well as being almost full grown and are now due a small visit to the vets!!!!!!! so off now to bed now to get refreshed for a long weekend of crafting