Thursday, 30 October 2008


i had been into the local fabric shop to pick up some more stock and i found some really good stuff for halloween and i just had to have a wee meter and as i was wondering what to make with it the boys asked for bandanas - so when i had finished and was clearing up the ends i had a little left so i sat down at the machine and had a bit of a fiddle!!!

and very soon had a small pile and after a bit of lavender and stuffing a and as you can see the finished hearts modeled by char and i think they turned out very well - as always i take a few samples into work and the response was very good and even a few orders after the craft fair this saturday so i might have to nip into the shop and get a few more meters just in case (he he!)

Sunday, 26 October 2008

the fixer

the boys finished school for the halloween break and as usual they have a half day on friday and a fancy dress party and this year addy went as a vimpire and dosen't he look a smasher

and char went as a hippy and he won the class prize for best costume!!!!!! he was well pleased as he had gathered up most of the stuff himself and he and addy drew flowers and things on the old pair of jeans his uncle had given him - as usual addy had to get into the picture somewhere
at last i think i'm up and running on the laptop front anyway and last night i managed to add the phone software so i can also add pictures -- and here is the lovely darren or the PC Doc as he likes to be known and he got me running again, he works with me and as usual was on hand to help. he's a big softie and a sucker for a sob story (just as well in my case as i'm a technophobe) and is easy to pay ( large chocolate cake ) thank goodness!!

Sunday, 19 October 2008

sunday again

well it's just a week to my first craft fair for a while and as usual i'm up to my eyes in it !!!
have been busy making stock all summer and now i have to tidy up the ends and add the labels
and my friend arrived on friday with a large box of material that had been in a suitcase for 30 + years so i now have a load of new ideas racing around in my head which i won't have time to put together for saturday ######

now i've got my laptop back i need to gat the stuff for my mobile added on again so i can start to gat the pictures on here again

now off to bed 6.00 am comes a little to early for my liking

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

See they really are red

At last a picture of the famous red arrows pity it was such a wet day but worth the wait in the rain

Sunday, 12 October 2008

i've found it

at last my mojo's back !!!!!! have had a bash at the old sewing machine tonight and made a bandana for char and then had a go at the fleece hat i've had the pattern for what seams like forever and now i want to do more but i have to go to bed or i'll never make it to work in the morning. laptop is in for a service tomorrow so i'll have time to sew tomorrow evening and get a few things made and pictured so i can show off when i get it back - ok now off to bed ...... night all

Saturday, 11 October 2008

hello old friends

hi peeps Flowers And Hearts sorry i'ts been a while - i've got a new camera phone and am having trouble uploading my pics as well as having been really busy over the last few weeks and the weather has been rubbish as well. and in the middle of all this had a new bathroom put in so we're trying to get the house back to normal after no bathroom for a few days! the boys are back at school and doing really well and had a great time last saturday when we all attended an open day hosted by the company i work for - even though it rained ( there's a surprised) and there was a bit of a delay the day will be remembered for the great display put on for us by the Red Arrows, and they were parked on the runway with good viewing for us! Airplane (sorry it's not red but the pics i took i can't post here yet)

ok off now to make a bandana for Char and knowing Addy when he see it i'll have to make another one and i promise to get the pic thing sorted very soon Sewing Machine