Saturday, 8 November 2008


i have been a cat person for many years and now as my boys are a bit older and able to help look after a cat i thought it was time to see is i could find one and as luck would have it one of the fellas at work was looking for homes for some kittens. so i told him that ifhe had any males i would take one and then i thought about it and as twos company i might as well have the last 2 boys and here is RJ in his box, bit like king of the castle and as usual Hammy is off exploring his new surroundings

now this is only a small cat basket and just about room for one cat (the boys are about 12 weeks old) but as Hammy seems to be the boss, even though he is smaller than RJ he had to get into the basket as well !!!!

and as for hubby, well he did the usual huffing and puffing about cats in the house and fur all over the place and the rest, and when i have my back turned he's on the floor playing with them!
now all i have to do is learn to knit with the 2 of them on my knee.(ha ha)


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