Wednesday, 14 May 2008

what wonderful weather we are having and just in time for the Balmoral Show , at the Kings Hall in Belfast. We hope to get there on friday and fingers crossed the weather will hold out for us (the we being my mum, my brother, my two boys - Char and Addy and myself) we'll get to see all the tractors and animals and the bits in the middle and my good friend is there selling her handmade candles so i'll stop by and give her a pee break and then its home to pack the car and head of to the grand garden and craft fair at MountStewart for the weekend, it's the local National Trust property and my family have been conected with the estate for many years - i'll fill you all in at the later date. of now to get the boys to bed and finish the costums for the school play next week and a little bit of knitting before i hit the sack myself. poor old hubby is working late tonight as usual, but thats for another story

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