Sunday, 22 June 2008

the 3 amigos

what a lovely day for a craft fair and as you can see i always have something to keep me busy .
we were at a small pta school fair and had a good days criac

they had lots of things for the children to do and plenty of stalls for the mums and dads to spend their money on and the local firefighters turned up and set up a game for the kids to knock cones off with the water hose and then the kids could climb over the fire engine and as you can see Addy had a ball as he tried to drive the engine
as usual loopylou was with me and we were joined by Mrs Bell - Mrs Bell does a lot of work for charity and on this day she was supporting meningitis. The weekend before that she completed a charity walk and was only to do a short stint with the rest of the pack but as usual Mrs Bell went the extra bit and finished the whole section, more power to her elbow as i don't think i could have went the whole way

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