Tuesday, 3 June 2008

home james

saturday afternoon and what a glorious day we are having so with nothing better to do lets go for a run on the tractor - well to be honest this has been arranged for a while by our church, a tractor run followed by a bbq and barn dance and myself and addy are ready for the road

and we have dressed for the trip but loopylou was dressed for shopping and had to take care not to get those lovely white trousers dirty!!!!! (which we mamaged with very little effort)
and on the almost 2 hour run on the trailor we passed the time eating sweets and drinking juice and singing songs and the children that were with us ( my 2 boys and loopy's 2 and a friends 3 and another brother and sister) they had a ball and as we were the last tractor and trailor we waved to all on the way past and when the singing got to much the driver shut the cab window to deaden the noise! and he also had a great chuckle every time he went over a bump because it made us yell even more
forgot to say that the tractor driver was loopylou's husband and an old friend of mine. after juggled about for 2 hours it was back to the village hall for a bbq and we sang 'she'll be coming round the mountain when she comes' on the way into the carpark (because it was the only song that we could remember) what a great night we all had

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Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

what a great day out ! I've got the tune "coming round the mountain" in my head now, it will be there all day!