Sunday, 6 July 2008

at the zoo

we had been invited to a small fair at Belfast Zoo on saturday 5 july and as we set off the heavy rain had eased a little but we did pack the coats etc just in case and as we traveled up the road it showered but never one to be put off by a little water we arrived and set up. The Zoo staff were great and a welcome coffee when we arrived and lovely little marques and a fantastic setting and a wee prayer we got going

so here we all are with a wee cuppa and a biscuit to sustain us for the crowds and the hard work ahead (ha ha)
and we waited and waited and waited but the only thing that came was more rain and even foxy kept a lookout but the weather was out of out hands
but not to be a wet blanket (these puns are just so bad ) the kids had a ball and went around most of the zoo and below is a picture of the elephant that char took with his phone, they wanted to watch the penguins being fed but even they stayed inside and the seals just lay about in the rain
so by the time they made is back to me they look a little wet - good job i packed the coats
even though it wasn't a profitable day we all had a ball and the kids got to go around the Zoo and the Zoo staff were all a great help which made it a little better the boys have asked if we can go there for a day out - we will try and pick a better day and take more pics so you can get a look at what a lovely place Belfast Zoo is and the views over the city

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