Sunday, 27 July 2008


the boys and i went swimming at the local leisure center this morning and because it was such i lovely day on the way home we called into the local train station for a ride!!!!
about 4 miles from home is the lovely little narrow guage railway station call drunawhey junction and it has been there for a number of years and we have visited it many time but haven't been much in the last year so what better time to pay it a visit.
as you can see they have plenty of trains of all shapes and sizes as long as its small, char had been many time as a small child but addy had not been very often and now it was char's turn to be the big brother and look after addy and i could just sit and watch.
the driver was telling me it had been very busy before we arrived but now it had slowed down and the boys got the whole rain to themselves
and you know the old saying boys and their toys well here we have a great example and what a beautiful engine she is and on the way home addy asked that when he grew up could he go there and work - i somehow think that the men that go there now most weekend wouldn't look upon this as work if you would like to know more you can log onto and see more pictures of this great place

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