Saturday, 17 January 2009

christmas secret santa

on the lovely craft forum that a same to spend way to much time on some days we had a secret santa and below are the pictures of the wonderful things that i recieved

good job it was a lovely fairy and i think a wood nymph as we had been so busy on the run up to the big day that we had run out and bought a tree and stuck a set of lights on it we had nothing on the top of the tree!!!! so now once all the bits and pieces have been take down the two have been packed away carefully ready to be the first things out for next christmas
we had all agreeded to open our secret santa gifts on christmas day and i was a little sorry that i waited as i should have had these lovely little people on my tree for a lot longer but the boys thought they were so good i knew that they will be the first things on my tree next christmas


Buffy said...

She's a very pretty angel x x

I got decs in my SS too lol I felt the same way! shoulda opened it earlier! lol

Nice to find your blog too,
Will be stalking it from here on in ;)
~Buffy x x

Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

the angel is so lovely!lucky you!