Friday, 4 June 2010

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hello again !!!! been very busy in the last few months and not had much time for me... Lots of good things going on at school as well and big son is now in his final year at primary school and is getting ready for the move to 'big school' in september and was delighted to get into the local collage (which is a very good school). And he also had a part in the school play of the Wizard of Oz!!!! and for my sins i got to make a lot of the costumes for the kids - some were cobbled together from old outfits in the school and a few were made from stratch, below is Addy in the lions costume which used to be a rabbit? and now i have time to get caught up on the important things like stock for my next fair and enjoying the little bit of sunshine we have been having ..... so off to swimming lesson tonight with addy (he was able to swim without any help last week !) and then we are having 2 friend over to stay for the night while mum and dad have a wee night out - off to get the boys from school and make hotdogs for dinner!

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