Saturday, 5 June 2010


what a lovely few days we have been having. and with a little light rain thrown in the grass is growing .... very fast so today the boys and i thought we would give dad a hand and cut the grass. Char asked if and when i got the lawnmower started could he have a go and i thought this was a good idea (have to start somewhere!) so we trailed the mower out and checked for petrol and pulled the handle ... and pulled the handle.... and pulled the handle ... and well you get the idea the NOTHING HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gave up after half an hour and left it till dad came home and it took him a few minutes but it spluttered into life so out of bad temper i started with the small front garden and then moved to the back so after an hour and one very sore shoulder i was finished way hay! so off the bed now to nurse my aches and pains but my lawns are lovely .......

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