Saturday, 11 October 2008

hello old friends

hi peeps Flowers And Hearts sorry i'ts been a while - i've got a new camera phone and am having trouble uploading my pics as well as having been really busy over the last few weeks and the weather has been rubbish as well. and in the middle of all this had a new bathroom put in so we're trying to get the house back to normal after no bathroom for a few days! the boys are back at school and doing really well and had a great time last saturday when we all attended an open day hosted by the company i work for - even though it rained ( there's a surprised) and there was a bit of a delay the day will be remembered for the great display put on for us by the Red Arrows, and they were parked on the runway with good viewing for us! Airplane (sorry it's not red but the pics i took i can't post here yet)

ok off now to make a bandana for Char and knowing Addy when he see it i'll have to make another one and i promise to get the pic thing sorted very soon Sewing Machine

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