Sunday, 26 October 2008

the fixer

the boys finished school for the halloween break and as usual they have a half day on friday and a fancy dress party and this year addy went as a vimpire and dosen't he look a smasher

and char went as a hippy and he won the class prize for best costume!!!!!! he was well pleased as he had gathered up most of the stuff himself and he and addy drew flowers and things on the old pair of jeans his uncle had given him - as usual addy had to get into the picture somewhere
at last i think i'm up and running on the laptop front anyway and last night i managed to add the phone software so i can also add pictures -- and here is the lovely darren or the PC Doc as he likes to be known and he got me running again, he works with me and as usual was on hand to help. he's a big softie and a sucker for a sob story (just as well in my case as i'm a technophobe) and is easy to pay ( large chocolate cake ) thank goodness!!